Playstation Minutes 1

Location: Playstation (Bay 66 if you are under 15)
Attendees: JD 
Apologies: Part timers
Trick highlights:
CP: front and back tailslides on ramp
CG: front and back ollies on ramp
DH: backsmith ollie out on ramp
JD: fakie flip on ramp
CG/JD: vert domination
All members: precarious but successful spine ramp negotiation
All members: probably tore up the street course too but available witnesses were blinking at the time
Pints afterwards: 3+
Gastronomic item of interest on pub’s menu: Fish finger sandwich, £4.20
Next midweek meeting: South Bank, 7pm next Weds
Any other business: Milo’s birthday skate all day Monday 1st somewhere
My boredom level with this club / meeting metaphor: High, but probably less than yours, apologies. It won’t happen again.