Playstation Minutes 2

Well I had a jolly old time I must say. There were leaps into the air, the smack of maple on plywood, and the cries of suffering polyurethane. Occasionally even a truck scrape and a whoop for joy. Some even did the flips. 

My tricks of the night:

 Dave R fakie body varial 270 pivot tail (I think, only he knows what the hell it was) on the big mini ramp.
 James G confident vertical destruction and endless frontside grinds and large ollie grabs
. Brad G everything that happened in the zone between his feet and the ground
Bad one of the night: 

Queueing for 5 minutes to hit up anything on the street course only to have your efforts squandered by a visual ignoramus with C-H-A-T  R-O-O-M tattooed on his knuckles.

Anyway, if you weren’t there I hope Eastenders was worth it. The activity of skateboarding is brilliant.