Proper Street Skating

Another triumph I thought. Nine grown men cavorting round the streets for two hours.

People highlights:
Brad needs to get a pro model soon. Cab-to-man was a treat to watch.
Milo ollied his biggest set of steps this millenium.
Henry leadership of street spots fuck knows how he knows where they all are. And he did a rather good tailslide pop out fakie that not many people saw.
Chas and Dave sang some cockney firecracker numbers, although I did it switch to show them up.
CP ‘Super’ Sparks claiming to be tired but still skates like he’s toning it down so as not to put us off.
Ben ‘3flip’ Hull can’t help but look like some kind of style god when he steps on a board.
Dave R skated till nine THEN went to Playstation for ten minutes THEN came back east to the pub. Brunel would have been proud of this heroic feat of transport engineering.
Oh look! I done a thing where I mentioned everyone so no one got left out! How fair! Except those who didn’t turn up, and me for writing this type of shit.

Thing highlights:
Skating down the multistory car park several times like it was 1987 and we were allowed to have fun. I’m sure you boys had fun in the lift but I wasn’t going in that deathtrap.

 The fact that we had a session on THE FLAT at the first spot was like making something out of nothing. Until Ben slammed twice in the same slam which was both selfish and greedy.

 Standing outside the Golden Hart and deciding to start a skate magazine called Too Little Too Late. I think it stands up to the cold light of day and would love to discuss it again next time I am pissed. Or sober.