Notting Hill to Tottenham Court Road

I am completely incapable of writing anything today, but I had a brilliant time.
Playstation was good, but a few too many professional and talented amateur skateboarders. It felt a bit like when the skating stopped for a minute you could have a quick go. But it ended on the small mini ramp with some very good times including about 20 runs by Jacob ‘Salba’ Brown.
The fun curve rose very steeply as we consumed alcohol, received massages, then decided to skate from Notting Hill to Tottenham Court Road. Nearly 3 miles of comedy slams and slides, hotel forecourt confrontations, traffic dodging, risky grinds on unknown steps, through the park, on the street, everywhere. Arguing to get in to low end clubs. Getting randoms from inside to pretend they know us then the bouncer letting us in but the random getting into trouble for lying. Shooting skateboards across a busy dancefloor and not getting kicked out, in fact everyone finding it funny. Skating up to TCR at 3am, Joey Crack thinking we were actually out skating, which although not too far from the truth should have been obvious from the stench of beer from Charlie’s exploded can if nothing else. I talked shit to a taxi driver on the way home, I presume the others carried on.