Baker’s Abridgement

By Andrew Baker Esq.

Risking monopolisation of this one today yes it was slightly like that vulgar advert in places but all in all I personally had a bloody good roll about.

To answer your polite enquiry here is the breakdown Pearson – Euston Square Brick Banks (to clear up any obvious ambiguity the grass outside Euston station is actually called Euston Square not 400 yards up the road at the Euston Underpass (pedantic taxi driver in the making)).

Then SOAS banks (and hip in BG’s case) followed by perigrinations around the University of London and a degree of buggering about round the back of the British Museum. Some went home but the remainder up the oh so smooth Gower St to the very fun banks with grindy top (busted), the Euston bank and finally the other (green? It was dark) banks which I slammed hard on about 10 times but eventually emerged the victor.

Watering hole was The Rocket Euston Road complete with Missy Elliot at 150db. Apologies to whoever’s thunder I’ve just stolen if minutes were on the cards. I’ve saved you some time anyway.

Photos then please Henry and James Davis.

JD please would you publish the video as I own the Intellectual Property Rights. Your movie is much anticipated but my trick wont be a surprise and my ego wont allow it to be forstalled.