Playstation Minutes 2

Well I had a jolly old time I must say. There were leaps into the air, the smack of maple on plywood, and the cries of suffering polyurethane. Occasionally even a truck scrape and a whoop for joy. Some even did the flips. 

My tricks of the night:

 Dave R fakie body varial 270 pivot tail (I think, only he knows what the hell it was) on the big mini ramp.
 James G confident vertical destruction and endless frontside grinds and large ollie grabs
. Brad G everything that happened in the zone between his feet and the ground
Bad one of the night: 

Queueing for 5 minutes to hit up anything on the street course only to have your efforts squandered by a visual ignoramus with C-H-A-T  R-O-O-M tattooed on his knuckles.

Anyway, if you weren’t there I hope Eastenders was worth it. The activity of skateboarding is brilliant.


Playstation Minutes 1

Location: Playstation (Bay 66 if you are under 15)
Attendees: JD 
Apologies: Part timers
Trick highlights:
CP: front and back tailslides on ramp
CG: front and back ollies on ramp
DH: backsmith ollie out on ramp
JD: fakie flip on ramp
CG/JD: vert domination
All members: precarious but successful spine ramp negotiation
All members: probably tore up the street course too but available witnesses were blinking at the time
Pints afterwards: 3+
Gastronomic item of interest on pub’s menu: Fish finger sandwich, £4.20
Next midweek meeting: South Bank, 7pm next Weds
Any other business: Milo’s birthday skate all day Monday 1st somewhere
My boredom level with this club / meeting metaphor: High, but probably less than yours, apologies. It won’t happen again.


Cantelowes Agenda

‘Big Spence’ demo tonight in Camden.

 The ex-Pussy am, Decimal and Pakemans flow team rider, and SS20 Mail Order customer ‘Big Spence’ (aka Stretch Limo) will be making a rare appearance at Cantelowes skateboard bowls tonight!

This exclusive showing outside Gloucestershire will begin at 6.30pm and probably end at 6.45pm due to nervous exhaustion.

See one of Cirencester’s oldest riders get close to tricks he used to have nailed, then bust out a switch tre flip when you are busy trying to open a warm Becks on the fence.
His full support team will also be there flailing around in the background, including the Tufnell Park Boardslide Champ, the Motocross King of Queen’s Park, and the New Cross Playboy, as well as special guest ‘Ledge Hounds’, ‘AntiLocals’, ‘Non Skaters’ and CAMRA members.

After Party at the Lord ‘£72 a night’ Stanley from 7.30pm, followed either by Proud Galleries or some new place everyone is talking about called ‘East London’. PTO