Moments #18 Bolts Look At That

By Milo Bragg

12 responses to “Moments #18 Bolts Look At That”

  1. Good 360 flip Henry, not sure about the preceding Adidas advert.

  2. what happened to the titles milo?

  3. ’18 bolts look at that’ what’s that about?
    i like the addidas advert

  4. No idea on the title, ask Milius.

  5. It may be a sarcastic reference to my first ever 360 flip – it is far from ‘bolts’.

  6. I think Ches said the ‘bolts’ line when he landed his epic move.

  7. I mean “Chez”

  8. I see. Praising his own skating on film again. The ego is growing unchecked.

  9. UK is sporting adidas too I see. Big up on the tre Henry, cant´wait to skate Southbank again.

  10. sub titles for those that can’t understand English – Chez “bolts look at that” Henry – “first tre flip in 15 years skating”. For those that can’t count to 18 that’s the moments episode number.

  11. Where is all that footage that I filmed Milo